Why Friends?

Have you ever asked yourself why we are supposed to have friends?

My first initial thought to this question had me think of Friends the TV Show and singing the theme song of the show (over and over again, it is pretty catchy.) What’s so amazing about the TV Show is that they were always doing life with one another. Thanksgivings, Christmas’, Monday-Sunday they were always together. Now granted, I understand it’s a television show and they weren’t really together all week but still, they had each other’s backs no matter what.

I hear a lot of people across social media say, “I just want to do me.” Well, I do want to warn you that doing YOU isn’t always the best route to go. I think we sometimes feel like we need or must do life alone. We have the mindset that if we succeed in our own area of life, then we will be fine.

No need to ask others for help.

No need to have a community of people around me for support.

No need to get involved in something bigger than myself, because I’m good where I’m at.

We act like we have this thing called life all figured out… until we don’t.

I hear stories all the time of people falling back into an addiction they once defeated. People running away from their families because “they” felt like it was best. Spouses cheating on one another. Parents abusing their children. Car crashes that kill family members or friends. Diseases that hurt the ones closest to us. You hear these stories and it breaks your heart. Especially in Student Ministry, because you usually hear them from the side of a child. Unfortunately for them and all of us sometimes, things in life aren’t always under our control.

I don’t want to lie to you. Suffering is not easy and never will be easy. It will always hurt. When we or someone near us that we care about is suffering, it is terrible.

However, it is easier when we have a community of friends around us. It gets easier when we can go to our small group of framily and open up about what is going on in our lives. Sometimes we just need people to speak life into a bad situation. I remember when we told everyone about Josie being admitted into the NICU immediately after she was born for health reasons. Our church family surrounded us with love and care. Something we really needed at the time. We have been fortunate to be surrounded with a strong group of framily members that care deeply for us.

(Quick Side Note: “Framily” are Friends + Family.) The Weller’s have been blessed with some amazing Framily in Georgia, New York, Tennessee, Alabama, and now we have a lot in South Florida! We love them all so much.

I want to encourage you with something that Jesus has been speaking into my life. When it gets scary. When you feel like you’re in quick-sand and can barely breathe. When you do not have any more answers about an awful situation… put your eyes on Him and the people around you who will push you to do the same.

I will never forget when a close friend called me a few years back and said, “Hey man, I just feel like God wants me to pray for you. You got anything going on?” Little did he know that I had just quit my job and had no idea of where I was going to work and support my new wife.

It’s amazing what can happen when you don’t listen to the world, and you choose to put your eyes on God. When you humble yourself to prayer, fasting, and spending more time with God. Your life will change, the terrible situation will begin to not be so terrible, and the people around you will notice a change. This means you can be a light in one of their dark suffering times like others have probably done for you.

You have a great opportunity to show the love of Jesus every single day. John 1:5 says, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” Let this be a life verse for you! Use it and the power you are given as a follower of Jesus. We have the power to overcome any negative situation that comes our way here on earth with the power of the Holy Spirit.

When you think of light you think of pretty things. Sunny days on the beach, family pool days, flowers, gardens, and all the pretty things that happen in the light. It’s beautiful! This is what we can be in other people’s lives. We can be a beautiful light in a dark situation. Darkness can overtake us quickly and if we don’t have someone there beside us to pull us back toward the light, then we could die from it.

We as Jesus followers are given the tools to be a light in someone’s situation.

So… I want to challenge you with a simple question.

Will you be a light?

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