Why 2018 Could Change Your Life

Vision is defined as an experience of seeing someone or something that is yet to have been experienced. We all want vision for our life and for the things we play a role in. Proverbs 29:18 tells us, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Vision should get us excited because it lets us see a glimpse of where we’re going before we get there.

I absolutely love Disney World. The most significant thing at Disney World (other than Mickey Mouse, of course) is Cinderella’s Castle! This is what everyone HAS to get their picture in front of when attending the Magic Kingdom. You see this Castle before almost every Disney Movie made and there are pictures of it when you look up Disney World. You get a “vision” of the experience you’ll have while being at Disney World just by the picture of the Castle.

Okay… I’ll stop talking about Disney!

Just like the castle gives us a vision of what we’ll experience while at Disney, we need to have a vision of where we’re going. Vision is important, but what you do with that vision is where you’ll see change happen in your life!

2017 may have ended for some of you differently than you were hoping. Maybe you lost your job, relationships have fallen off with people that were close to you, or you just felt depressed because the holidays weren’t all the commercials crack them up to be. Maybe, you made a decision to have a closer relationship with Jesus and you didn’t exactly do everything on your end that helped out the situation. Now, the start of 2018 is here and you’re wondering where to turn next.

The word we spoke over our Student Ministry in South Florida last night that I want to speak over you is the word, Growth. Growth isn’t something that is only defined numerically. I believe that people beginning in 2018 are needing and wanting to grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Here Are 3 Ways To Experience Growth With Jesus

Small Groups – You need a community of people around you to do life with and who have your back. When you’re struggling, nothing helps more than to have a friend or mentor to call and talk things out. When something amazing happens, nothing is better than calling and having someone cheer you on! The first way to grow closer in a relationship to Jesus is get invested in a small group.

Personal Time With Jesus – Spending time with Jesus in a big room setting is amazing, don’t get us wrong. However, you’re only getting part of who Jesus is. You want the whole thing, right? Spending time 1 on 1 is huge. Think of someone you have a good relationship with right now. You probably wouldn’t have as good of a relationship with them if you spent no time with them. It’s the same with your relationship and Jesus. The second way to grow closer in a relationship to Jesus is making personal time with Jesus a priority.

Inviting – Yes, you should be inviting people to your church. However, we want you to invite people into your life! The person that is a loner and doesn’t have many friends, go make them a friend of yours. Look for opportunities throughout your day to use the influence Jesus has given you to make a difference! This is the third way you can grow in a relationship to Jesus!

All of these ways are very important in your walk with Christ and should be the top three things to do in 2018! We began a new hashtag for 2018 with our Student Ministry called, #cantstopwontstop. This is how we feel when it comes to growth. We should never want to get to a place in our lives where we say, “That’s enough Jesus, please stop.” No! We should always be striving to have a closer relationship with Him.

I hope you have an incredible start to 2018, and can’t wait to hear how each of you grow closer in a relationship with Jesus!

Let’s Go, 2018! We’re Ready!

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