You Are Worth It

This letter goes out to anyone and everyone that is thinking about taking their life right now because of depression or anything else. I first of all want to say I apologize for whatever has been done or said to you to make you want to do this horrific act. We will often times view a suicide as a single act when in reality it is the final act of many acts done by that person and other people toward that person. It usually happens out of desperation because they feel like they have nowhere else to run in this world. Isolation is the enemy’s best friend. He feels that if he can get you isolated, then he can make you struggle with feelings that you never thought you would feel. It breaks my heart because I know how much you are loved by your creator. You have a God who loves you and knows you by name.

You Are Worth It.

Anytime you feel like you cannot take any more of this life you’ve been given, please remember that you are loved and cared for in this world. You may not feel like anyone is on your side. There are people, trust me. You may even feel like no one will miss you if you commit suicide, there will be people. For all of you students, you have an army of teachers who love you so much that they have devoted their lives to pouring into you from an educational side of things. They are also open to answer any advice you may have for life. Take advantage of these teachers. They love you and care about you. You have local student pastors in the area who are literally sacrificing their life because they want to better yours. They work long hours and fight for the next generation because they believe in you. If you aren’t plugged into a church you are missing out on all the love and care that is offered there. Lastly you have friends that are there for you. You may tell me that your friends are the reason you’re feeling this way. That’s a valid answer. However, I want to tell you that maybe you just have not found the right friends yet. Keep fighting because there are people out there who love you simply because you are you.

You Are Worth It.

The media may make it look like everything will be alright after you do this thing you’re thinking about, but it won’t be once you’re gone. Your family will suffer, your school will breakdown in pain, and your friends will weep because you’re no longer here with them. The feeling of no one caring is straight from the pit of hell. Satan wants you to feel worthless because he wants to break down all things good. God made you in His image. Have you messed up, sure you have. We all have. We’re broken, messed up, hypocritical people who are all in need of a savior. Do not allow social media, television, or anything else to push you toward making this permanent decision for a temporary problem.

You Are Worth It.

God sent His one and only son down to earth to die for your sins. That’s right, you. You were worth God sending someone down to earth to die for. His name is Jesus and He cares and loves you so much you cannot even imagine it. Jesus lived a perfect life, died a death meant for us, and rose three days later back to life. The enemy thought He won when Jesus died on the cross, but how wrong he was. Jesus defeated death and took away all of our sin, shame, and anything else you may be feeling right now. All you have to do is accept Him into your heart as Lord & Savior of your life.

You Are Worth It.

So, if you’re struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts, or whatever else please reach out to someone and get help. Accepting Jesus into your life is a first step toward recovering from these thoughts that can literally kill you. You need a community of people to rally around you through your toughest days. Do not be ashamed to talk about it. Life is hard, but it gets a little easier when we surround ourselves with people who are FOR us. The enemy is going to want you to stay quiet, do not allow him to win that battle. Open up and let someone in on your situation.


You Are Worth It.

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